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I have plugged in the unit, turned "ON" the power switch and nothing happens... what can I do?

  1. Make sure the electrical outlet is capable of providing power to the unit. Try several electrical outlets within your house, place of business, or wherever the unit is placed.
  2. Check the mesh lint screen cover located on the back of the machine to ensure that the safety switch activator clip pushes the safety switch. NOTE: This does not apply to all purifier models. Your model may or may not have the removable "lint screen cover" feature. Check the owner's manual for this feature and the Troubleshooting section of your purifier's owner's manual. DO NOT try to disassemble or service the purifier yourself. Strictly follow the Troubleshooting procedure and guidelines according to the owner's manual.
    • OLDER MACHINES: Replace the fuse in your air purifier and see if it powers on with the new fuse installed. Refer to the User Guide / Owner's Manual of your unit for correct frequency fuse. Most air purifiers require the 1 AMP 250V Fast Acting fuse. However some models like the Fresh Air purifier operate on 1.5 AMP 250V Fast Acting fuse, which is also a bit smaller in size. You can get a new fuse in any local Home Depot or Radio Shack for under $2. If you're not sure which fuse you need, simply remove the existing fuse and bring it with you to the store, so they can match it for you. You want to make sure to replace the existing fuse with the right frequency new fuse, otherwise your air purifier will not work. The fuse compartment in most models is located on the back of the air purifier for easy access, and you can easily unscrew and/or pull out the black fuse cap to remove and replace the original fuse. In case of no power, replace the fuse even if the original still looks OK! After replacing the fuse, we also recommend trying a different power outlet in your home to see if it helps.
    • NEW MACHINES: Replacement fuse is included with every new air purifier sent. If you have just received the new air purifier and you've plugged it in for the first time, check to see if the original fuse was damaged in any way in transit (the glass cylinder itself or the very thin solid line within the fuse will be broken if it's damaged, just like in a light bulb.) Replace the fuse even if the original still looks OK, and then try a different power outlet in your home to see if it helps.
  3. Ensure that the fuse cap is completely seated and secured in its receptacle.
  4. If after trying all of the above and following additional troubleshooting procedures in your air purifier's User Guide the problem still remains:
    • OLDER (out of warranty) MACHINES: Please see the repairs page to check if your machine is repairable or not and the cost involved, plus other available options.
    • NEW (under 3-year warranty) MACHINES: Please contact our troubleshooting dept. by phone or email from the support section.