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The fan motor and/or fan blade is making a sound within my air purifier. How can I troubleshoot this problem?

  1. FIRST, turn OFF and unplug the air purifier. Then, remove the front cover grill from the front of the unit. It's quite easy to remove with a Phillips type screwdriver and on all newer machines you do not even need any tools and can use your fingers to easily unscrew the 4 screws attaching the grill to the cabinet.
  2. Once the front grill is OFF, the fan motor/fan blade is exposed or at least you'll have access to it and can check whether the fan blade is catching on something. Gently spin the fan blade clockwise with your fingers to make sure it rotates freely and is not blocked by anything. On newer models, make sure the fan blade is NOT touching the 2 stainless steel negative ionizer prongs located in front of the fan blade at the top of cabinet on the inside. IF you determine there is contact with the prongs, carefully bend back towards you just a little bit one of the prongs that the fan blade is touching, so that it's away from the fan blade.

    *NOTE: On most newer models, the fan motor will be protected by a silver metallic bar in front of it, which cannot be removed unless the unit is disassembled. If this is applicable to your air purifier, then carefully access the blade with your hands from over and under the silver bar.

  3. If the fan blade is not touching anything and freely rotates and still makes a sound, this means most likely there is something lodged between the fan blade and fan motor shaft that it sits on. Use both hands/fingers and carefully push the fan blade back just a little and/or forward to see if this solves the problem, since often this does. You may have to apply a bit of pressure onto the fan blade so that it moves back and forth on the fan motor shaft. Please be careful as not to push it too much backwards towards the fan motor and too much forward towards the front. The fan blade ideally should be situated in the middle of the fan motor shaft.
  4. If the machine is used, clean out the entire fan motor area with compressed air to remove any debris/dust that may have lodged on the fan motor/blade making it squeal. On older machines, if the fan blade is quite dirty, remove it and wash it. When you take the fan blade off, wipe the fan motor shaft also with a damp rag and then with dry paper towel.
  5. If after troubleshooting you determine it is the fan motor itself that is making a sound and not the fan blade, then it would have to be replaced due to being warn out or defective, etc. For older out of warranty air purifiers, you can order new fan motor from our parts page. For under warranty air purifiers, we can send you a new fan motor to replace it yourself, or you can send your air purifier to us to replace the fan motor for you. To arrange under warranty fan motor replacement, please contact us from the support page.