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I have an old XL15 Sensor model. Should I have the sensor ON or OFF to remove odors quickly?

IF the unit works properly, the odor will be removed on either of the settings. The only difference is, when the Ozone sensor is enabled, it will measure the amount of Ozone in the air and will shut down the production of Ozone when it surpasses the sq.ft. covered as set on the Purifier/O3 dial. When you switch the unit to auto mode, the sensor is activated and it measures the amount of ozone in the air, based on which it either allows additional release from the unit or nothing at all until the ozone present in the environment for the sq.ft. indicated subsides. The quickest way to remove smoke smell for example, is to run the unit with the sensor disabled and at a slightly higher than normal O3 output to quickly saturate the area in which the unit has been placed with Ozone, and thus breakdown the cigarette smell. Then, when the problem has been resolved, turn the O3 down to normal levels (begin at 500 sq.ft. and test from there until you find a good setting for your home.) Either way, however with the Ozone sensor on or off, it should work!