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Shouldn't I sense the ozone all the time to know if my machine is working?

You do NOT have to smell Ozone all of the time in your house. This is not the purpose of your air purifier. Its purpose is to reduce and remove airborne contaminants and break them down. At ideal Ozone setting, you will sense it just a bit when you enter your home from the street, and after a few minutes you won't sense it at all! You see, you don't have to smell the ozone constantly and just because you don't smell it does not mean the unit is not working. Do you smell the ozone constantly outdoors every day 24/7? Of course not, but it's there, with every ray of sunshine that comes down to earth. You may sense it in large quantity after a thunderstorm, but then it does its job and quickly dissipates to where you soon can't smell it anymore. Same thing in your home... As long as the household odors are gone, and you have clean easy to breathe air, that's all you're looking for! This tells you that you have the correct ozone setting and not the other way around where you constantly smell the ozone, which is just the opposite and tells you that you have a higher than necessary ozone setting. So adjust the fan to your comfort level (Low or Medium), and set the O3/ozone to the level where you do not sense any household odors, and it will work just fine for you!