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I cannot sense the Ozone as much on my NEW air purifier compared to my OLD air purifier. Is this normal?

Every individual's ozone sensitivity differs. What may seem like "too much ozone" to one person may be "too little ozone" to another. We took this into consideration and designed all NEW air purifiers to be perfectly balanced! The new air purifiers release just the right amount of ozone necessary for any home, and this ozone production happens gradually, evenly, and more effectively than on any of the older models.The newer air purifiers are designed to bring comfort to everyone no matter what the sensitivity level of an individual is to ozone. Nobody should feel any discomfort from the air purifier and each new machine is quite flexible and can be easily adjusted up and down for comfort level and complete air pollution control.

Unlike the older air purifier models, the newest air purifiers will NOT easily overwhelm the area where they're placed. Some of our older customers may have gotten used to the stronger presence of ozone from the old air purifiers and now think it's the norm. Actually, it's not, and constantly smelling ozone is not even necessary and provides no additional benefits! We find that some customers with older machines had their units set improperly to begin with - with too much ozone output, some even in constant sanitizing mode - they got used to that, and now think this is the way all units should always run, which is not correct way to setup the air purifier! The newer machines will not release as much ozone even on higher settings, and this is normal! The purpose of the air purifier is not for customer to sense ozone in the air. Its purpose is to reduce and remove airborne contaminants and break them down, and under normal circumstances having trace amounts of ozone released into the air is sufficient for this purpose. At ideal Ozone setting, you will sense it just a bit when you enter your home from the street, and after a few minutes you won't sense it at all! You see, you don't have to smell the ozone constantly and just because you don't smell it does not mean the unit is not working. As long as the household odors are gone, and you have clean easy to breathe air, that's all you're looking for! That tells you that you have the correct ozone setting and not the other way around where you constantly smell the ozone, which is just the opposite and tells you that you have a higher than necessary ozone setting.

Also, it's important to note that the Sanitizer SQ.FT. indicator dial (ozone output) is approximate on old and new air purifiers and is NOT exact! Meaning that the actual ozone output may vary house to house, depending on various factors that may influence the actual sq.ft. coverage, such as humidity in the air, the size of the room where the unit is placed, air circulation in that room that carries Ozone elsewhere throughout the house, etc. Any one of these factors may influence the actual sq.ft. covered by ozone. In addition, there is a bit of difference between the new and old technology as described above. Whereas, the old machines very quickly overwhelmed the area they were placed in even on lower settings, the new air purifiers are designed to release very little (trace) amount of ozone on low settings (500-1000 sq.ft) and very gradually increase the production as you move the O3/Ozone output dial up. So if you're getting the same effect with a new air purifier on let's say 2,000 sq.ft. as you did with the old unit at 1,000 sq.ft, there is nothing wrong with the new air purifier! It's just that it's designed to gradually and evenly bring the ozone into the air while not overwhelming the user and causing any discomfort at the same time! Simply find the right ozone setting on your new air purifier where the air in your house feels fresh and ozone scent meets your comfort level at the same time.

Also, overtime it's quite normal for the Ozone to be LESS noticeable in the area where the unit is placed. It does not mean the unit is not functioning right. Unless the Ozone plates are NOT being maintained properly, this usually has to do with two factors:

  1. The ceramic plate(s) used in Ozone production weaken a bit over time as a result of high voltage running through them 24/7.
  2. The User - you - get used to the presence of Ozone over time and don't sense it as much!

As long as you can sense it at least for a few minutes when you enter your house from the street, it's an indicator that Ozone (sanitizing component of the unit) is functioning OK. Also, there should be no musty house smells, pet smells, cooking odors lingering for a long time, etc., which tells you Ozone is present in the environment.

You also may consider turning up the O3 knob a bit to compensate for the plates becoming a bit weaker if you still want to smell the Ozone constantly in the house. However, remember that it's NOT necessary for you to sense Ozone all the time. Only trace amounts is what is really needed to prevent any problems from developing and maintain the air clean.