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Model# ZL3 Fresh Air purifier has no Power. How do I troubleshoot it?

FIRST, make sure the unit is turned ON in the back AND in FRONT! BOTH the back switch and the front panel Power button have to be ON at the same time. So it's possible when performing maintenance you have turned OFF the Power switch at the back in which case the unit will not turn ON from the front! So make sure you try to power on the unit from the front while turning the back switch on and off, if you can't tell whether the back switch is On or Off. IF doing this does not turn ON the machine, then next step is to replace the fuse even if it looks OK. The fuse holder compartment is located between the power cord plug-in and the ON/OFF switch on the back of the unit. Turn OFF the unit and unplug the cord from the back of the machine. Locate the fuse holder compartment and then gently pull the fuse holder straight out. Refer to page 13 of the User Guide for the exact location of the fuse should you have problem locating it. Bring this fuse to your local Home Depot for replacement. You need a "1.6 AMP slow blow fuse", which you'll find in Home Depot for under $1 dollar. Also, refer to the User Guide/Owner's Manual of your air purifier, specifically the Troubleshooting Section on page.14. The very first question (addressing "no power" problem) within the User Guide is addressed in steps and tells you what to look for. So the User Guide is a good reference for you to get the unit up & running, in addition to these troubleshooting tips.