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How do I replace the fan blade in my new air purifier?

FAN Blade replacement instructions for all new models:
LA-2000 to Classic LA-3500 (Model #: E300/RH02; 300/RH02; 300/H02; 300/UH02; HL2PRO; ZL-3500/UV)

In order to remove and replace the broken fan blade, you will need to take the unit apart. It's quite easy to remove the chassis (unit mechanism) from the cabinet, remove the broken fan blade, and replace it with the new blade. This is what you have to do, which takes about 15 minutes:

  1. Unscrew the 2 knobs on the front of the unit. This is the 03/Sanitizer left knob and the Fan/UV right knob. You will see that each knob is attached to the unit with a small screw. Look at each knob and locate the little round opening within each knob to access the screws.
  2. Once the single screw has been undone on each knob, carefully flip the unit upside down, and place it in this upside down position on hard surface (table, countertop, etc.) and unscrew the 2 bottom bolts. Once this is done, carefully flip the unit back to its upright position, set it on hard surface and now you can remove the chassis from the cabinet. Once it has been removed, set it on hard surface.
  3. Now, carefully unscrew and remove the metal protection bar in front of the blade to have easy access to the blade. Remove the broken fan blade from the unit, and carefully insert the new fan blade in its place by rocking it back & forth and applying gentle pressure onto the blade so it goes onto the fan motor shaft. The blade should be positioned/sitting in the middle of the fan motor shaft, which is about half way from the fan motor itself and half way from the front of the fan motor shaft. It should not be too close to the fan motor, and not at the very front of the fan motor shaft either, because then it may touch the 2 metal prongs of the negative ionizer. So again, it should be placed in the middle of the fan motor shaft about an inch away from each end of the fan motor.
  4. Next, carefully reattach the metal bar in front of the fan blade (and screw in the green ground wire connecting to the metal bar, if applicable to your model). Then put the chassis back into the cabinet all the way. Place the thick Hepa/carbon filter on the back of the unit (and metallic photo catalytic filter if applicable to your model), and plug it in.
  5. Now, turn the unit ON (right knob only) except that the knob will be off the unit, so just turn clockwise the metal piece that the knob sits on, and see if the fan spins OK without making unusual noise. Make sure that the left O3/Sanitizer control is OFF! You're only turning On the unit, while keeping the Sanitizer in the OFF position.
  6. If everything is fine, unplug and reassemble the unit by following the instructions above in reverse.