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The fan is operating although the unit won't produce any ozone... what's can I do?

First, check the ozone plate(s) for serviceability. If they are cracked, broken, or spark (possibly also making a loud popping sound), or if they are older than 3 years (even if they look brand new), the ozone plate(s) will require replacement! You can easily order new Ozone plates on parts page of our web site. If your unit operates on more than one plate, then you need to replace all plates at the same time, even if only one plate is malfunctioning. As a general rule, for optimal performance of the sanitizing function, you should replace the Ozone plates once every 3 years. Also, ensure proper maintenance procedures required for the ozone plate(s) are performed according to the "Maintenance" section in the respective unit's Owner's Manual. If you've just received a brand new machine with new plates and there is no Ozone, make sure the electrical stainless steel contacts are fully contacting the metal screen portion of the Ozone plate(s) on each side of the plate(s) for both plates inside the unit where the plates fit. Also, inspect the unit for any loose connections. If you're unable to find and/or resolve a problem with a brand new unit you just received, or if you have already ordered new ozone plates for your machine and this did not solve the problem, please visit our support section and follow instructions applicable to your machine there.

Do not attempt to disassemble the unit due to the Limited Warranty of the product.