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How do I replace the Fan Motor in XL15 air purifier?

NOTE: First, make sure the unit has been unplugged and turned OFF!

Replacement instructions:

From the front of the unit

  1. Remove the 2 knobs for Ozone (Purifier) and Fan by pulling each towards you
  2. Unscrew the front grill and remove
  3. Then, remove the fan blade from the fan motor by gently pulling it towards you. That's all you have to do from the FRONT of the machine

Now from the back

  1. Remove the lint screen filter from the back
  2. Remove the ozone plate(s) from the back
  3. Flip the unit upside down
  4. Remove 4 screws in each corner at the bottom of the machine
  5. Flip the unit back to its upright condition
  6. Now, carefully undue / disengage the wires that connect to the fan motor and the needlepoint ionizer *these 3 separate red wires are coming from inside the unit's chassis and 2 of them connect onto the fan motor and one of them connects onto the needlepoint ionizer located above the fan motor
  7. After wires have been undone, carefully remove the chassis/mechanism from the cabinet and now you have access to the fan motor
  8. The fan motor is connected to the fan motor bracket that supports the fan motor. The connection is with 2 long screws. Unscrew these 2 screws; you may need to use pliers if the screws are rusty especially in case of old fan motors. Or, if there is no way to unscrew because of rust, etc., use cutters to cut/break the screws to remove the old fan motor. NOTE: it's not a problem to break the old screws because each new fan motor has NEW set of screws included!
  9. Ok, after the old fan motor is taken off, put the new fan motor in its place and reconnect it to the metal fan motor supporting bracket using new screws
  10. After new fan motor has been connected, carefully place the chassis/mechanism back into the cabinet making sure that the 2 front metal pieces on which the knobs fit go through the 2 holes on the front of the cabinet, later to insert the 2 knobs back on
  11. Now that the chassis is back inside the cabinet, reconnect the 3 red wires back to where they're supposed to go; 2 wires to the new fan motor (does not matter which wire goes onto which end of the new fan motor) and of course the 3rd wire onto the needlepoint ionizer (it may be easier also to reconnect the needlepoint ionizer wire from the front of the machine by reaching into the chassis from the front, since the ionizer is much closer to the front of the unit)
  12. Once the wires have been reconnected, flip the machine upside down, and fasten the 4 screws that hold the chassis to the cabinet
  13. Flip the unit to its upright position and reconnect the 2 knobs in the front
  14. Now, put back the fan blade onto the new fan motor, gently
  15. Once the fan blade is secure on the new fan motor put back the fan grill on the front of the unit
  16. Put back the Ozone plate(s) and then the lint screen filter on the back, and plug in your machine

NOTE: Depending on the XL air purifier version, you're looking at average 15-30 minutes to replace the fan motor following the above instructions. However, it could take a bit longer if you don't have proper tools, or there is lots of rust/corrosion within the machine not allowing you to replace the parts. If everything was done as above, and the fan motor was the only problem in the unit, it will now work fine. IF new fan motor does not work, that means either something was not connected well (check for secure red wire connection to each end of the fan motor.) OR, it means there is a bigger problem within the unit (electrical) in which case please visit the trade page and consider the trade-in option, since old XL15 air purifiers are no longer repairable.