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I noticed on my air purifier that some of the screws were starting to show corrosion. There was also corrosion on what appears to be a transformer at the front of the motherboard. Should I be concerned about this?

This tells us there may be some humidity in your house from time to time, which most likely is what has caused some of the corrosion you're seeing. Make sure to protect your machine from humidity as much as possible! For example, during the humid summer days, run your air conditioner instead of opening the windows, etc. and/or you can get an affordable de-humidifier locally or online to place where your air purifier is located and run it in combination with your air purifier seasonally when humidity is present. This will prevent further rust and eventual breakdown of the unit. As is right now, you don't have to worry about your machine as long as it's working OK. Just monitor its performance and only should you notice a problem, let us know at that time. However, definitely consider getting an affordable de-humidifier as soon as possible if you do not already have one. As a side note, all of our newest machines have undergone two separate upgrades, and one of the improvements in the newer machines is many more stainless steel components to protect the machine better against rust and corrosion over time, due to excess humidity, etc.