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I have the unit with O3 / Sanitizer set on LOW and Ozone scent is still too strong. What can I do?

You can try several solutions and pick whichever works best for you. First, make sure that Ozone does not simply accumulate in one area of your home, which could mean stronger ozone smell in that area. To prevent ozone from accumulating, improve the airflow / air circulation within your house. You can open the windows to create a slight breeze, and/or you can run the ceiling fans to move the air around, and/or air conditioning or heating system, etc. Doing this will improve the airflow in your house and should resolve the issue. If it does not, simply remove one of the ceramic ozone plates from your machine (does not matter which side) and run the O3 / Sanitizer control of your air purifier on (1) ceramic ozone plate only. Your air purifier running with only (1) ceramic ozone plate inserted on LOW O3 / Sanitizer setting equates to about 250 sq.ft. coverage and just trace amounts of ozone being released, which in this case would be sufficient for your environment! You can also consider running the Ozone intermittently, from time to time, according to your comfort level and actual need for Ozone inside your house. So simply adapt the machine to your comfort level and your environment. Remember, that even with the Ozone OFF, your machine will be performing just fine and the rest of the technologies (negative ionization, germicidal UV, etc.) will still be functional. So if necessary, use the Ozone (sanitizing component) sparingly according to your comfort level and environment.