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I have Alpine Model# E300/A air purifier, and would like to disassemble it to clean it thoroughly. What's the best way to do this and will this void my warranty?

As long as you're careful disassembling and then assembling back your air purifier to perform deep cleaning, and do not damage any of the internal components along the way, your warranty will still be in effect. Please read the instructions below on how to remove the housing/chassis of the unit from the cabinet to clean it thoroughly. You can then follow these instructions in reverse to re-assemble your air purifier.

  1. Dismantle the front panel grill

    Loosen the four screws holding the front panel grill, then remove the grill.

  2. Dismantle the two knobs controlling Ionizer/Fan & Sanitizer on the front of the unit

    Loosen the screws holding the knobs with a small flat head screwdriver, and proceed to remove the knobs.

  3. Dismantle the housing

    Carefully flip the unit upside down. Then, loosen and remove the two bottom screws. Now you can carefully remove the housing, and set it in upright position on hard surface.

Now that the chassis/housing is exposed, you can clean it. We strongly recommend using compressed air to blow out any dust and/or other matter, which may have accumulated within the chassis/housing, and also use compressed air inside the cabinet. You can obtain a can of compressed air in any local office or hardware store (Office Depot; Home Depot, etc.) If you also want to use cloth to wipe out some of the components, please use dry cloth only, and be extra careful while cleaning the machine and during its reassembly, to avoid any damage.