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How do I sanitize an area?

First, choose the area you would like to sanitize quickly. For best results, the area should be confined to 4 walls (i.e. bedroom, basement, attic, etc.) and not be wide open (i.e. living room or kitchen, etc.) So any single room which does not connect to any other open space and could be closed off will usually be OK to sanitize for good results.

  1. Bring your air purifier there, place it in the middle of the room, and set all controls on HIGH. So both the FAN and the Ozone output will be at the highest setting. On air purifier models featuring 2 knobs, simply turn each knob clockwise all the way to HIGH or maximum sq.ft. indicated on the air purifier dial. On electronic models (i.e. BreezeAT, Fresh Air, etc.) use the Purifier/O3 Sanitizer UP and Fan UP buttons to bring these settings to the highest level. If your electronic model features the 'Away / Sanitizing Mode', you do not have to push the UP buttons; simply use the Away Mode button to immediately bring the unit into the sanitizing mode. Once you've set your machine in Sanitizing mode, lock the doors to the room being sanitized and also make sure all the windows are closed in that room. Leave the unit running there for a minimum of 24 hours if possible (on electronic models where Away Mode is used, maximum time will be 10 hours, so you will have to go in and reset the Away Mode after Sanitizing mode turns itself off after the first 10 hours.)
  2. During the sanitizing mode, higher amount of activated oxygen is released, and since some people are more sensitive to higher amounts, it is recommended not to be in the room being sanitized and to vacate the area being sanitized until sanitizing has been completed (24 hours minimum for best results). Once it's done, simply turn OFF your machine, and open all doors and windows in that room to allow the area to ventilate. Within an hour most of Ozone in that room will revert back to oxygen at which time strong ozone scent will be gone and you can reoccupy that room. For more info, you can consult the Owner's Manual for your unit.
  3. Even though 24 hours is sufficient in most circumstances to quickly remove indoor air pollution and sanitize the area effectively, at times (depending on environment, type of air pollution and its amount) it maybe necessary to repeat the process for another day or until the air pollution has been fully removed (i.e. odors, chemical smells, mold, etc.) You can run your air purifier in sanitizing mode in an unoccupied area for as long as it's necessary. How long you should run it on Away Mode (and whether you should even sanitize the area to begin with) really depends on the problem you're trying to solve. Refer to the Owner's Manual of your unit for Sanitizing/Away Mode procedure and recommended time frame.