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What is the best way of cleaning my unit?

We strongly recommend to perform basic monthly maintenance on your air purifier, in order to maintain performance and increase your air purifier's lifespan. Once every 30 days you should wash the ceramic Ozone plates in warm water with a bit of clear or lemon ammonia added (optional; if you have it, then mix 1 teaspoon of ammonia with 1 cup of water). Soak the plates in warm water (with ammonia mix) for a few minutes and then rinse them well on both sides and use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the metal screen on each side of the plate to remove any residue. Allow the plates to dry fully before reinserting them back into the unit! If your air purifier also features the back carbon filter, it should be cleaned at the same time as Ozone plates. We recommend using a can of compressed air, which you can easily obtain from any local Home Depot or any office superstore to spray the dust off the filter, and in addition wash the filter once every 90 days. You should replace the back filter at least once a year and replace the Ozone plates at least once every 3 years or sooner if you notice the Ozone output has decreased or the plate is arching and/or producing an abnormal sound. You can order replacement Ozone plates and back filters on our parts page at your convenience. Furthermore, you can use the compressed air effectively to get rid of any dust inside the unit once every few months or so as needed, at the time of performing regular monthly maintenance when the back filter has been removed. At the same time, you can also easily unscrew and take off the front grill of the air purifier and use compressed air to clean the fan motor; fan blade, and the surrounding areas as needed. For additional specific maintenance instructions applicable to your model, please refer to the User Guide of your air purifier. Please note that User Guides for old, out of circulation air purifiers are no longer available, and you can just follow these generic maintenance instructions.