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I can't find the fuse compartment for model# ZL3 Fresh Air purifier or model# HMA-300/CHO Fresh Air purifier. Can you help me?

It is NOT necessary to remove the back of the machine to access the fuse, and please do not remove the back! The fuse compartment is located on the back of your unit, exactly where the power cord plugs in (you will see its exact location shown within the User Guide if you cannot find it yourself by looking at the back of the unit). So look exactly at the place where power cord plugs in on the back of your machine. Basically, the fuse cabinet is located within the plastic assembly into which the power cord plugs in. You should see an imprint image of the fuse on plastic part of this assembly, and that's the small cabinet itself, which you need to pull out. Simply remove the fuse by unlocking the fuse cabinet with the help of a flat head screwdriver, and replace the original fuse (even if the original still looks OK!) The fuse you need is 1.5 AMP 250V Fast Acting fuse, which you can pick up in any local Home Depot or Radio Shack for under $2. After replacing the fuse, we also recommend trying a different power outlet in your home to see if the air purifier will turn On.