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How does the TIMER work on Alpine model# HMA-300/CHO Fresh Air LA-3500 v2.0 air purifier?

The timer feature on Model# HMA-300 CHO Fresh Air purifier is optional and designed mostly for convenience for those who are extra sensitive to Ozone and prefer for the machine itself to control the Ozone output throughout the day, rather than the user manually controlling it. The timer could be set for a one-time operation throughout the day, according to user's preferences. Meaning, the air purifier can be programmed/timed to turn itself On or OFF once at a specific time of day, just as the User Guide indicates. For example, you could have the air purifier OFF and then turn itself ON when you go to work, etc. Controlling the unit manually could me more beneficial, as it allows you to run the unit 24/7 without interruption and have only the functions you want available. On this model, just like the rest, the Ozone feature could be turned On and OFF at will manually, and with the Ozone OFF, the rest of the functions will still be performed (i.e. Negative Ionization, UV germicidal sanitizing, etc.) while the air purifier is running. In essence, you could manually control the Ozone output (sanitizing component) to your liking (and even have it off) while the air purifier performs all of its other functions 24/7. Using the timer however, there will be period when the entire air purifier is OFF. In summary, you can control the Ozone output using a Timer or manually. You can certainly try both methods and see which works best for you and your house. Some people prefer manual Ozone control, while others love the Timer feature!