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I had purchased an air purifier on eBay, it does not work and seller does not respond to my inquiries. What can I do?

Please visit You will see we have this consumer warning on our web site to protect our customers against the situation you're in, and we even list various web sites to avoid (including eBay) for purchasing our units. Since eBay purchase is not covered by any warranty, and most likely you have received an imitation unit, we do NOT recommend to spend more on your machine, which will be just a waste of money!

Instead, take advantage of our exclusive trade-in program, which is the best option for you considering the situation. Through this unique program, you can trade your non-working unit for a brand new technologically advanced air purifier and obtain an additional $100 OFF instant discount (that's on top of our already low sale prices), thus really lowering the price of any new machine to the bare minimum! We cover shipping to US and Canada and there are no hidden expenses. Your new machine is guaranteed to be genuine and will be preregistered for 3-year parts and labor warranty even before it's shipped to you. After reviewing the trade-in information, you can place your trade-in order at your convenience directly on our web site in just 3 easy steps outlined on the trade-in page.