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How am I able to know if the Radio Frequency Ionizer is working?

The quickest and the surest way to determine whether the RF ionization system is working or not within your air purifier is to look around your environment for sure tale signs.

Just like radio waves, you cannot see the ions with a naked eye, yet they do travel throughout your whole environment reducing and eliminating dust, pollen, smoke, animal dander, and anything else microscopic suspended in the air. Remember, they travel through walls, ceiling, floors, and anything else that's not metal. The job of negative ions is to bond with air pollutants, in a process making them heavier, thus making them fall to the ground because of gravity. So some of the obvious signs you may see in the very beginning showing you that radio wave ionization is working, is less dust and other particles floating in the air, and more dust settling on the furniture, floor, or carpet. This is because dust and other air pollutants are starting to come down from the air, instead of just floating and being suspended there. Reduction of allergies, sinus problems, and other symptoms which could be attributed to indoor air pollution is also a sure sign that ionization is working properly, cleansing the air.