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How do Alpine Air Living purifiers compare to air filters?

The problem with air filters is twofold. Air filters are designed to treat symptoms of air pollution and NOT the problem itself. Air filters are only designed to treat the air that passes through them, and they do not go out to the source of the problem. That's why you must have an air filter in every room, which is quite costly and frankly ineffective. The problem is, very limited amount of air actually passes through the air filter. The air that enters is in the immediate area of the filter, but if you take just a few steps away, the air in that surrounding area will never even reach the filter.

The second problem with air filters lies in the fact that they get dirty and polluted very quickly. This means that if you're not actually cleaning or replacing the filter very often, the air filter itself becomes a source of indoor air pollution! It takes dirty air in, and releases the air that's even dirtier! And it can be quite costly to constantly replace air filters.

Filterless Alpine Air Living purifier on the other hand, goes out to the source of the problem. That's why you only need one purifier to effectively treat an area of up to 5,000 sq.ft. The incredible Alpine Air Living technology attacks the problem at its source. It sends out positive and negative ions that travel through walls, floor, and sealing, and bond with pollutants in the air making them heavy which causes the pollutants to fall to the ground. After which a low level of ozone (activated oxygen) is released to oxidize the fallen residue. Unlike air filters, there's nothing to replace and very little maintenance is required on all Alpine Air Living products. Actually, using Alpine Air Living technology is the quickest and the easiest most "hands-free" approach to eliminate the indoor air pollution in your home or office. Please click here to see a complete comparison of air filters.