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I am on Medicare. Can Medicare reimburse me for the cost of the air purifier?

It's quite possible the Medicare will pay in full for the air purifier, especially if your doctor deems the use of the air purifier necessary and prescribes it. You would first purchase the air purifier from us, and then submit the receipt to Medicare for reimbursement. Please contact Medicare to see if you're eligible for such reimbursement and to obtain proper forms to submit the receipt to them for reimbursement. In some cases it may also be possible to submit the paperwork to Medicare and then have them pay you first for the air purifier via a check payment, which you would then forward to us. However, this is NOT the best way to proceed, as this process takes months during which time you will not have the air purifier and will have to wait for it. It is easier and more beneficial to simply purchase the unit yourself for quick delivery, and then wait for Medicare to reimburse you afterwards while already enjoying the benefits of your new air purifier. Don't forget too that paying for the air purifier by credit card gives you 30 days before first (minimum) payment is due, during which time you may already be reimbursed by Medicare and would be able to pay off the entire purchase amount before even making the first payment on your CC! Even if takes a few months to get reimbursed by Medicare, the small monthly CC payment will be easily offset by the benefits you'll get from breathing clean, pollution-free air.