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What's the difference between the Classic air purifier and the Fresh Air purifier?

Fresh Air LA-3500 v2.0 alpine air purifier is an electronic version of our air purifiers. Featuring a 5-stage Sanitizing module, (2) germicidal UV bulbs working in conjunction with a photo catalytic titanium filter, plus a Timer which gives the user ability to control the unit, the new Fresh Air purifier provides quicker and more effective air purification. It has two filters for the protection of the machine itself and stainless steel parts, which make the unit long lasting. Overall the Fresh Air is quite effective in killing Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, and removes all kinds of odors, chemical fumes and tobacco smoke. An independent 2-prong Ion generator provides for quick reduction of airborne particles. For added convenience, the Fresh Air purifier itself has an LCD Screen which shows exact settings and also could be operated at a distance via the included remote control.

Classic LA-3500 v2.0 alpine air purifier is a "manual version" of the Fresh-Air, just like the rest of the machines. As a direct descendant of the XL15 living air classic air purifier, it provides effective purifying and ionization control, however does not have as many functions as the electronic Fresh Air purifier. The Classic air purifier has been proven to work quite well over the years and continues to be the "flagship" model due to its worldwide popularity. To learn more about the Classic and how it has evolved, please see Q&A #16 in this section.