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Is the warranty transferable?

Prior to being shipped from our warehouse each machine is registered for 3-year parts and labor warranty under its Model Name and Serial# to the buyer. However, it is transferable, in cases where we can easily identify the original buyer! Even though our record may indicate the original purchaser's name, if you call we will still provide you with service, as long as we can identify the unit in our system and the original buyer, thus establishing the air purifier was purchased via legitimate channels either directly from us or from one of our dealers. For this reason, we do not need additional names to be registered for warranty. As long as you know and remember the original buyer's full personal and/or business name (or the name under which the unit was first purchased) and you have the Model Name & Serial# of the machine for easy verification, we will provide warranty service for your machine, even though you as the current user may not be the original buyer. Please remember that we will need ALL of the required information to verify legitimate purchase and in-force warranty.