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I am concerned about long-term exposure to high concentrations of ozone. Does this apply to your air purifiers, and are your machines safe?

NO this does not apply to our air purifiers, and YES our machines are totally safe, since our air purifiers produce nowhere near the high concentrations of Ozone that could in anyway cause any physical harm. You breathe ozone every single day outdoors. If there is sun outside, you're exposed to ozone. If you're at the beach, you're exposed to ozone. If there is a thunderstorm or lightning outside, you're also breathing ozone, etc. Our machines recreate SAFE levels of ozone indoors, just as what nature does outdoors. Used according to the directions in the Owner's Manual, each unit will produce just trace amounts of ozone, enough to keep the air sanitized and smelling fresh. Furthermore, ozone is even optional on our machines so if you still have doubts whether our unit will suit you or not due to ozone, simply keep the ozone OFF on your machine, as it's only a small part of many different technologies incorporated within each unit! We invite you to learn more about ozone, so you can dispel various misconceptions and myths flowing on the Internet about it, which you can simply ignore. You can start on this page and then also visit to see how Ozone works within our units.