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You offer a lifetime guaranteed Electrostatic air filter as a free gift with the purchase of an air purifier, and I need more than one of these air filters. Can you custom-make more than one for me?

Yes! We do offer (1) Custom-made Lifetime Guarantee Electrostatic air filter at NO charge per single order of any air purifier (starting with the single room unit and up) regardless of the quantity of air purifiers on that order We can certainly provide you with more Electrostatic air filters of same or different size at 25% OFF its regular price of $69.95 for each additional air filter ($52.46 for each additional air filter). At the time you provide us with the size of the first Electrostatic air filter you need, simply let us know how many more air filters you want to get and the size of each (if different). We will custom-make these for you and will send them to you all at the same time.