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My house square footage falls between the sq.ft. coverage indicated on the 2 of your air purifier models and both air purifiers match closely the sq.ft. of my house. Which of these 2 air purifiers should I get?

You should only get the air purifier that matches exactly your sq.ft. at home OR is over and above the total sq.ft. area of your house. For example, if your house is 2,200 sq.ft, you want to get Silent Thunder LA-2400, which would meet your minimum requirement, since it's guaranteed to cover up to 2,400 sq.ft. Of course you can choose any other air purifier with coverage over and above your minimum requirement, as each purifier's total area coverage can easily be adjusted down. Also, keep in mind that getting a purifier with coverage over and above your minimum requirement may save you even more money in the long run. Following the above example, if your current house is 2,200 sq.ft, but you plan to move into a 2,500 sq.ft. house in the future, it's recommended that you get NA Flare LA-2700 from the start, since this way you won't have to purchase an additional air purifier down the road to make up the difference in sq.ft. coverage between your current 2,200 sq.ft. and future 2,500 sq.ft. Also, if your 2,200 square foot house is very polluted or toxic, then you will benefit even more from a more powerful machine, such as the next model up the NA Flare LA-2700 model. An even better solution in this case could be getting 2 smaller units, such as (2) Alpine Living LA-1500 air purifiers, one for each floor of your house, if your house is multi-leveled. You can never go wrong with having 2 units or a more powerful single unit, since you can always adjust the settings down according to your environment and you'll always have the extra sanitizing power should you ever need it. If you're still not sure which air purifier model to get, and you would like to get a professional recommendation, please visit the support section of our web site to contact our sales department, and include details about your house.