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Can you help me compare your air purifiers with imitation units sold on all other web sites?

Please note we are NOT affiliated with any other web site claiming to sell Alpine air purifiers. What they're selling are cheap knock off copies of our machines, fooling the consumer into thinking their product is the same or that they are distributing on our behalf. Real Alpine machine will have the Alpine Living Lightning® logo on it. We are the sole manufacturer of genuine Living Lightning® Alpine Air technology and real Alpine air purifiers are only sold on this web site: To protect our customers, we do not authorize any online resale of our machines from any other web site. Knock off units are mass produced for cheap distribution and lack the quality you would expect, and that's why they don't last and is a total waste of your money. While you may save a few dollars upfront buying a knockoff, you will lose much more in the long run having to purchase new machines over and over again. These imitation units are made out of metal and not stainless steel, so the inside components will corrode very quickly; their cabinet is made from cheap plywood that will disintegrate over time, causing cracks in the cabinet where moisture and other contaminants will enter and corrode the inside of the unit; their negative ionization and ozone production is quite limited so you won't get much performance out of the unit, and cheap Hepa filter on the back offers no protection to the unit. Technologically, all imitation units are inferior to authentic Alpine air machines. In addition, the sellers of these imitation units trick consumers with a 5-year warranty, or even a fake lifetime warranty and some other gimmicks just to get them to buy the unit. Once they have your money, you'll never hear from them again should you ever need service. To learn more about this and see actual web sites to avoid, please visit our Consumer Warning page