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Why does Alpine Air Living technology work so well?

Nature works, period! There is nothing better that cleanses the outdoor environment than Mother Nature itself. We had simply recreated what nature does outdoors, and that's the reason our unique technology works so well! Our air purifiers cleanse the indoors exactly the same way that nature cleanses the outdoors. That's why it works. It's that simple!

While the benefits of negative ionization and ozonation have been studied for many decades, only within the last 20 years has this subject received the necessary media exposure as the problem of indoor air pollution and its negative side effects has reached epidemic proportions in USA, and some other countries.

It was during this time that the indoor air pollution subject and the technology geared to solve this problem finally received the attention they needed from numerous respected scientists, researchers, and other leading experts who began studying the problem and viable solution. While it would be next to impossible to list here many thousands of articles, news stories, books, and worldwide Universities' research studies with positive conclusions confirming beneficial effects of technology behind our products, here is just a small sample of how most of these experts describe the basics that our technology is built on, while listing many benefits it provides. Click here to read it.