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The very first night I operated the unit made me wake up congested the following morning. Is this normal?

This usually happens in case of severe indoor air pollution. If your environment is severely polluted, it might take a few days to really cleanse it. During this process, the ionization gathers and drops a lot of pollutants from the air that were previously suspended. While asleep, you might be breathing some of that pollution that's now being eliminated from the air, which can make you wake up congested.

These effects will normally go away as soon as your environment has been cleansed from pollution. Waking up congested can also happen if you're undergoing the "detoxification" period. If you have lived in a severely polluted environment for a long time, then you body and lungs might be full of toxins. When you breathe clean air with ozone, it can detoxify your body by eliminating the pollution from your lungs, blood, etc. So if you get cold like symptoms the first few days after installing the Alpine Air Living purifier, it's quite normal if you're in severely polluted environment, and might be directly attributed to the detoxification effect.