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Do I have to vacuum my house with your air purifier Turned on ?

It is true that in the beginning you can expect a large portion of air pollutants to settle out of the air and fall to the ground. It is also true that for the first week or even few weeks (depending on the amount of existing airborne pollution) you may have to vacuum a little more often to pick up the airborne particles that have fallen down to the ground. However, after this "cleansing period" has passed, this will not be an issue anymore, since from that point on the air will be much cleaner and will be maintained as such by your air purifier. You will no longer have to vacuum once a week, which is recommended in case of severe air pollution, and you can go back to your regular vacuuming routine/schedule. Remember, that the premise of your air purifier is to first remove the airborne contaminants from the air and then to maintain the air clean from that point on.