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How do I claim the Living Lightning Air Electrostatic filter?

If you had purchased your Alpine Air Living purifier on our web site, you do qualify to receive a bonus gift, the custom-made Electrostatic filter at NO charge! You can read more about it here:

This custom-made washable filter replaces your household (or office) air conditioning (or heating) filter and is built to last a lifetime so you won't ever have to replace this filter again. It's proven to trap 94% of air pollutants and prevent them from entering your living space from the outdoors whenever using an air conditioner. When you heat your home, this filter will prevent accumulated pollutants within the ducts from entering your living space.

Because every filter is of different size, you need to measure your air conditioner's filter first, and then email us the measurement in inches (length & width). We will then send you the right size filter, as a gift. The common, most popular sizes that we carry are as follows: 12X24 / 14X20 / 14X25 / 15X20 / 15X25 / 16X20 / 16X25 / 20X20 and many more. Please contact us to let us know which size filter you could use. Since we custom-make these filters, we can make almost any size!

NOTE: Please make sure to give us the correct measurements, because once your filter is custom-made, there is NO way to resize it; so if exchange is needed because incorrect measurements were given originally, it will be done at the standard filter price of $69.95. Usually, the correct size is specified (preprinted) on the filter itself, so when you look at your existing filter you should be able to see it, otherwise please measure it correctly.

You're entitled to only one FREE filter per order. However, you can get 25% OFF ($17.49) regular filter price of $69.95 for any number of additional filters you could use in your home. So each additional Lifetime Electrostatic filter will be just $52.46, shipping included!