Ecoquest air purifier (see the newest line of products), a predecessor to our current technology has redefined indoor air purification. Before the ecoquest air purifier became the model for our top line of products, the indoor air purification business was a one way street. There was only one option available if you wanted to treat indoor air in your home or office, and all products were designed with that single option in mind - hepa filter air filtration.

The concept is quite simple and is in use today. In fact thousands of unsuspecting people STILL throw away their hard earned money on hepa filter technology, all because they don't know any better! Of course the multi-million dollar hepa filter industry will protect its interests, and collusion among its many manufacturers has fooled and convinced the general public for years of the "benefits" of hepa filter filtration.

So how does the average hepa filter work? To define the process quite simply, it treats the air passing through it. This ineffective process relies on the air filter device (the so-called "air purifier") to draw the dirty air towards and into the filter device and once the air passes through it, the hepa filter as main component of this technology is supposed to treat this air by trapping airborne particles as they pass through the hepa filter.

Even though it has been proved time after time and study after study that such hepa filtration is NOT effective in removing most airborne particles, this outdated technology is still being pushed onto you, the unsuspecting consumer, with the hopes you won't know any better! The hepa filter does absolutely nothing to combat various types of odors resulting from cooking, smoke, tobacco smoke, smog, urine, mold, mildew, chemicals, etc. and it does not kill mold, bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms. The hepa filter also does not trap most microscopic particles (these are the tiny particles that get lodged deep inside your lungs, causing allergies, asthma and other problems).

Ecoquest air purifiers (see the newest line of products), which is an older line of alpine air purifiers was based on a totally different concept, giving rise to our newest revolutionary technology currently successfully serving the homes of millions worldwide.

Why revolutionary? Because nobody utilized such an effective technology ever before specifically for the purposes of indoor air purification and with such success in the process. Ecoquest air purifiers utilized two main technologies, which we have since improved even further and incorporated into our newest line of products making them more effective than ever before!

So how does it work? First, our technology addresses the air pollution problem at its source, rather the addressing just the symptoms such as the case with hepa filters. Rather than waiting (and hoping) for the air to actually pass through some hepa filter, which never happens (statistically only 10% of the air actually passes through the hepa filter device in any room it's placed), the ecoquest air purifiers and of course our newest technology blend into the air stream in the home or office where the air purifier is placed, and thus effectively cover and treat the entire space at the source.

This is also the reason why a single ecoquest air purifier and now just any one of the newest living lightning® alpine air purifier line of products is sufficient to treat your entire home, even as large as up to 5,000 sq.ft.!

We simply address the indoor air pollution problem by duplicating indoors what nature does outdoors, safely, quickly, and effectively. Outdoors, the nature cleanses itself of airborne particles through rain, waterfalls, oceans, and fast running rivers by producing trillions of negative ions which bring down airborne particles from the air. Then through thunderstorms, lightning, and sunshine the nature sanitizes itself by producing activated oxygen which is a temporary form of oxygen with one extra molecule. Upon contact with any pollutant, this extra molecule breaks off and oxidizes (breaks down and destroys) the air pollutant it comes into contact with. Thus more oxygen is created in the environment, while air pollution is destroyed! The end result is cleaner, healthier air, which nature still produces in this process even through all that air pollution we as humans create.

The ecoquest air purifier, just like any one of our newest living lightning® alpine air purifier line of products, replicates indoors exactly what nature does outdoors! And it's so effective that within just the first 15 minutes of placement you will notice a difference in the quality of air in your home, office, place of business, or wherever else you place this awesome air purifier.

Ecoquest air purifier (see the newest line of products) releases trillions of negative ions per second, quickly and efficiently removing indoor air particles floating in the air room to room. Dust, pollen, dead skin flakes, hair, pet dander and other junk is safely removed and brought down from the air you breathe. Just stop for a moment and ask yourself if you want to breathe this stuff in day after day, night after night?

At the same time, the ecoquest air purifier (see the newest line of products) produces safe levels of activated oxygen to quickly and efficiently sanitize the air pollution it comes into contact with. Yes, it kills mold, mildew, fungi, various viruses and bacteria that it comes into contact with. And of course it effectively removes and breaks down all odors, no matter what the source is. In addition, our newest living lightning® alpine air purifier line of products also incorporates a safe ultra-violet (UV) germicidal light technology as an extra level of protection against harmful organisms.

As you can see, the ecoquest air purifier and now just any one of our newest living lightning® alpine air purifier line of products is the complete, safe, quick and easy solution to your indoor air pollution problem.

That's right, you don't have to waste money and time on useless hepa and other high-tech filters and so-called air purifiers, at the end only to realize what we have already told you. Save yourself the trouble and avoid the hassle... Simply plug in our newest living lightning® alpine air purifier, turn it on and watch the air pollution disappear. Just let it work for you 24/7 with practically no maintenance involved and you too will quickly recognize this unique technology for what it's worth!

Take action now and get your own technologically advanced living lightning® alpine air purifier today, and then say goodbye to indoor air pollution once and for all.